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Easy transactions and fees posting management
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Gain complete control of all transactions before they are entered into your accounting system

Seamless Sync

Sort by Sales, Payments, Transfers, Refunds, and Other. Seamlessly and selectively sync your current PayPal transactions and/or fees with just one click.

Simplified Recording

Quickly record sales, payments and/or fees from one dashboard. Simply assign or use default accounts and hit submit. System will remember your assignments for the next time.

Easy Reconciliation

All transactions go into PayPal Bank account in QBO. Transfers are recorded automatically making monthly reconciliation of PayPal statements quick and easy.

Powerful. Intuitive. Easy.

Set your Accounting on Autopilot with just few clicks.  PayPal to Accounting will create Sales records, fees as expenses, Refunds, match Transfers to Deposits and more.

Start saving time.

Transactions from PayPal are organized and easily recorded into QuickBooks Online. User controls what to post and how to post it, processing complete transactions or fees only.

Payments will be entered into QBO after expense account is assigned. User can even select existing matching transaction from QBO to avoid double posting and only fees will be recorded.

PayPal to Accounting is the only solution you need for accurately recording PayPal transactions into your QuickBooks Online.

Turn boring data into meaningful insights.

Quick, reliable and hassle-free charts and insights.
Find and filter anything.

Gain control and confidence over your spending and sales.

Know your top 10 vendors and customers.


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